TANIAJANE Naturally Curly Hair Salon

100% naturally curly hair salon servicing all curls from slight waves & curly coils to corkscrew & supercurls, uneven curl patterns and even the odd straight areas. Make sense of your patterns and have them move in harmony. Learn about your specific texture combinations and have some fun with global curl & texture master, TaniaJane

Multi- award winning, Canadian hair stylist, Tania Jane, has natural curly guys and gals falling in love with their 'easy-to-do' curls. All curly hair needs is the proper shape, product application and care to have soft, beautiful curls.

Tania Jane is an International Educator and the author of Curly Princess, an adventurous tale of curly hair care and love. Monthly hair care tips and quarterly editions of CURLS CURLS CURLS are available with more free education planned to help navigate through the ocean of online information.

While keeping current with world-wide trends, Tania Jane collaborates, shares, improves and continues to develop some of the best techniques & care for curls. Graduating from an advanced school of cosmetology in British Columbia in the 1980's, Tania Jane continued with an additional 2 years of intense training under world- class educators, before obtaining her Red Seal certification in the early 1990's .

Tania Jane has been awarded her fellowship in Trichology, for dedication to continued education in the area of hair restoration, growth and scalp health.

As a cosmetic formulator, Tania stays up to date with new ingredients as they emerge and meets regularly with leading formulating chemists and governing bodies.
Tania Jane is also a registered member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, in the area of hair health, growth, restoration & scalp health. ​

As a leading authority in curly hair care and education, Tania Jane is the president of Tania Jane Naturally inc, and manufactures the world's 1st original line of professional formulas addressing curly hair 100% by texture only, has developed an online certification program, and continues to support hairstylists by sharing ideas and solutions to curly hair care.

 Always putting her clients first, Tania extends her hours and work days when needed, preventing an extended wait time for cliemts to book appointments.

Tania's clientele is 100% curly/ wavy and although loving all hair types, she chooses not to book clients with straight hair, who can be serviced by other talented hairstylists. This way, no curly client faces being turned away. Tania Jane is the first, and possibly still, the only salon committed to 100% curly, within North America.



Please call 204-891-4862 for all appointments.

Custom Design Dry Cutting

TIME: Although rarely needed, this booking is for 2 hours.

If this is the first time visiting TaniaJane, this is what you need to book for when wanting a haircut. 

Service Includes:
Custom design dry cut
Wash & style dry

All the education you need to know about your curl pattern & texture.

**If booking for a child under 10, please contact the salon by phone.


TIME: Booking is 2 hours Choose this service when you are looking to book your first haircut service with a colour. We will discuss hair colour choices while cutting. Depending on your choice, the price varies from $99- root touch up, then $130-$150 for full colours to specialty applications.

 **No foils or heat are used on curly hair and all lifting is a single application. Platinum blonde is not possible in this salon.

 Service Includes:
Custom design dry cut
Colouring of chosen specialty application
 Style dry

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The TaniaJane Curly Cut


TaniaJane's technique bring the best of both world's with the combination of precision and free-style cutting techniques.
While dry, curly hair is cut by custom designing for your curl pattern. This allows better control and prediction how the curl will react while creating the perfect shape. Along with the proper products and application chosen specifically for each tecture type and desired style outcome, together we will create something magical.

You already know one of the biggest problems is an inch cut in the wrong place wet may appear as though you've had 6 inches cut off once it's dry! There are many advantages to my dry cutting technique and I invite you to see the difference it will make to your beautiful curls.​

Consultations are at the beginning of the haircut appointment and are not offered without booking services and are not offered by telephone.

How to prepare for your appointment

I cut dry- so I ask you arrive with it dry (not damp/wet).
Please wash it the day of (drying time permitted or the day before (I can see the pattern through frizz). If you need to use a diffuser to ensure your hair is dry- that's fine. There is no need to have curls air dry. If you tend to scrunch dry your hair (with a dryer) do this before arriving. Scrunch drying is not considered false curl, it is enhanced curl and is fine for cutting.
When washing hair, use the product you normally use, but no pulling the hair out of its natural pattern (EX: don't use claws, clips, headbands or ponytails when wet) If you arrive with stretched out hair, I cannot predict nor guess at what the real curl should be. Unfortunately old photos do not help me determine your current day pattern. Please do not twist hair into curls. This is not a natural cluster of hair or curl pattern.
It's alright to loosely put hair back, once dry, but it's important I see your natural pattern to work with your curls- too much pulling will distort curls, or straighten root area. This hair prep is for every haircut- even after the initial one. If you 100% straighten your bangs, it's alright to arrive with them straight. ​If you have any questions or think you need help, due to a difficult circumstance, feel free to give me a call so I can make it as easy as possible for you.

Have braids in your hair?
Please have all braids removed 7 days prior to appointment. Extreme matting can occur and makes a 2 hour appointment quickly turn into a 4 hour appointment. Matt removal is not an offered service. Please make sure you can comb through your hair (with conditioner applied to wet hair) to ensure you do not have matting.

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