We'll show you how to choose the right products for your natural hair texture. What do we mean by texture?

I've been using these products for more than 2 years and I am a total fan. I love my curls again - soft and bouncy!

Robin L

I spent all of my adult life trying to find a product that would define my natural curls without making them stiff/crunchy or stringy. This Styler is amazing and gives me soft, shiny defined curls.
I put a little in my water spray bottle to freshen my curls up on non-wash days.
I will never use anything else again!

Rena A

These products made me like my curly hair. My hair is the longest its ever been because it's finally healthy. I LOVE Tania Jane products!

Shonna B


For centuries, people have known the secret to beautiful hair and skin begins with the harnessing of botanical butters and extracts and we intend to keep our formulas jam packed with natures most powerful ingredients.

​These formulas are Vegan friendly and not tested on animals.


These formulas were first & foremost, created for Tania Jane's own family, due to allergies, sensitivities, contact dermatitis, hair loss, frizzy- dry hair and her youngest son's genetic kidney disease. The invitation was then extended to her own clients and strictly by word of mouth, the company is now preparing to increase sales globally. Our formulas are registered with Health Canada & the FDA, and surpass the strictest of ingredient practices. This means our products are EU compliant.