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Our Story

It's a love affair

These formulas were created for Tania Jane's own family, due to allergies, sensitivities, contact dermatitis, hair loss, frizzy- dry hair and her youngest child's rare kidney disease. The invitation was then extended to her own clients and a few other salons. By word of mouth, the company continues to grow while adding to their "Clean Beauty" product line.
 For centuries, people have known the secret to beautiful hair and skin begins with the harnessing of botanicals, butters, extracts, and antioxidants. We keep our formulas jam packed with natures most powerful ingredients. ​ These formulas are Vegan friendly and not tested on animals.
Tania Jane and Brandon began formulating in the kitchen and quickly grew into a factory setting, where they welcomed the eldest son, Michael. Brandon and Michael run the factory side of things and look forward to employing the great people of Winnipeg, as the company continues to grow.

Multi- award winning, Canadian hair stylist, Tania Jane, started as curly hair educator, runway hair stylist and stage artist in the 1980's.
Today, ​ Tania is an International Educator and the author of Curly Princess, an adventurous tale of curly hair care and love.

As a leading authority in curly hair care and education, Tania Jane enjoys providing monthly hair care tips and publishing her quarterly edition of CURLS CURLS CURLS. More free education is coming soon!

While keeping current with world-wide trends, Tania Jane collaborates, shares, improves and continues to develop some of the best techniques & care for curls.

Graduating from an advanced school of cosmetology in British Columbia, Tania Jane continued with an additional 2 years of intense training under world- class educators, before obtaining her Red Seal certification in the early 1990's .
Tania Jane has been awarded her fellowship in Trichology for exceptional dedication in the area of hair growth, restoration, care and scalp knowledge.

She has studied under leading formulating chemists and stays current in new cosmetic ingredients, while meeting regularly with chemists and governing bodies.

Together, the family manufactures the world's 1st original line of professional formulas addressing curly hair 100% by texture only, has developed an online certification program, and continues to support hairstylists by sharing ideas and solutions to curly hair care. 

Welcome to our family.

Our love for people, animals and the planet doesn't stop with our clean formulations. We love our children and we love your children. 


I've been using these products for more than 2 years and I am a total fan. I love my curls again - soft and bouncy!

Robin L

I spent all of my adult life trying to find a product that would define my natural curls without making them stiff/crunchy or stringy. This Styler is amazing and gives me soft, shiny defined curls. I put a little in my water spray bottle to freshen my curls up on non-wash days. I will never use anything else again!

Rena A

These products made me like my curly hair. My hair is the longest its ever been because it's finally healthy. I LOVE Tania Jane products!

Shonna B

Proven with science and recommended by professionals. Simple goodness made with organic and natural ingredients. Our elegant formulas were created by award winning stylists, certified trichologists, and health practitioners. We are Clean Beauty.


We begin with the formula foundation- Organic aloe vera juice, which amplifies the abundance of antioxidants, botanicals and butters we add. Professional performance doesn't come second to sustainable, health conscious hair care and we've proven just this, thanks to love for our specialty, people, animals and our planet.


​We choose not to formulate with sls, silicone, parabens, artificial colors, phthalates, and other ingredients we believe impair the health and appearance of curly hair or is suspected as a biological disruptor. 

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