Collection: 3 Simple Steps- the basics

3 products is all you need to begin an amazing journey of soft, touchable curls and waves. Our famous Naturally Curly 3 consists of Cleanser, Heavy Conditioner and Styler 3 in 1 styling product. Add additional products to your toolbox as you gain confidence.

Cleanser- an extremely mild cleansing gently removes environmental dirt and scalp sebum while preparing hair for the best conditioning application.

Heavy Conditioner- Heavy in moisture not weight! Smooths and soothes the cuticle while delivering the perfect amount of moisture, helping clusters "juice up" to a shiny bounce.

Styler- Our 3 in 1 styling product is like a conditioner, gel and oil in one, so there's no guessing or 3 separate products. Leaves hair soft and touchable while allowing the natural flow of your curls and waves.

Want to kick it up a notch and have a cast finish you would need to shake free? Apply the Smart Cast Gel right over top of the Styler!

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