Intense Hydration Plan- The Bundle

Intense Hydration Plan- The Bundle

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Invest in your curls for 1 month to see and feel the difference.

Be on your way to needing less hair products as your curls reach full moisture retention!

Did you get caught up in some unhealthy curl practices and need curl restoration or simply want the most moisturizing option to gain moisture retention in the shortest amount of time?

Here’s the Intense Hydration Plan Bundle…

1 x 16oz Classic Creamy Cleanser

1 x 8.45oz SMOOTH Deep Moisture Mask

1 x 8.45 SMOOTH Cuticle Magic

1 x 16oz SMOOTH Leave In Styling Conditioner

1 x 16oz Smart Casting Gel (to hold it all in)

1 x 8.45oz SMOOTH Finishing Gloss (2nd day refreshing)

Cleanse day is every 3rd day (twice a week) for a healthy scalp, best conditioning results and faster moisture retention.

After 30 days, you can always lighten up by switching to Conditioner, moving Smooth Deep Moisture Mask to a weekly treatment. Finishing Gloss is used for in between wash day, to    refresh curls and tame frizz.